History of the Conference

The international scientific conference Dielectric and Insulation Systems in Electrical Engineering – DISEE is nearly 40 years old.

The first symposium was held on 5th November 1969 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of SUT Bratislava in co-operation with the company Chemko Strazske.

Next symposiums / conferences were held in:

1969 EF SVŠT Bratislava
1971 Pezinok
1974 Vysoké Tatry
1977 Poprad
1980 Bratislava
1983 Tatranská Lomnica
1985 Štrbské Pleso
1988 Štrbské Pleso
1991 Tatranská Lomnica
1993 Bratislava
1995 Bratislava
1998 Bratislava – Častá-Píla
2000 Bratislava – Častá-Píla
2002 Častá-Píla
2004 Častá-Píla
2006 Častá –Píla
2008 Demänovská Dolina, Nízke Tatry
22. – 24.9.2010 Demänovská Dolina, Nízke Tatry

The symposiums/conferences became international from 1985. The founder and promoter of these symposiums was Assoc. Prof.  Ing. Frantisek Poljak, CSc. from the Department of Electrotechnology.

The Department of Electrotechnology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology SUT Bratislava is the main organizer of the DISEE’ conferences. Department has a long tradition in the field of insulating systems. The tasks concerning the electrical insulation materials, cables and technologies were solved on the Department from its foundation in the year 1951.

First seven symposiums – until 1988 – were concentrated mainly on the liquid dielectrics and insulators and on the combination of solid and liquid dielectric systems aimed at capacitor structures.

Since 1988, the orientation of symposiums has been extended and includes the features and technological aspects of processing all sorts of dielectric and insulation systems. The symposiums have been renamed to Dielectric and Insulation Systems in Electrical and Power Engineering. The extension of the areas covered requirements of practical life and the existing industrial base. The conferences have become a platform for exchanging experience and know-how between specialists from manufacturing companies, universities and research institutes.

On the former conferences there were participants from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, GDR, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Romania, Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, USSR, Russian Federation, Yugoslavia and Slovakia.

To remind the DISEE ’06 and DISEE ’08 conference, the program committee and photos are located on the following links:

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